Fasco High Security Pistol and Gun Cabinets

Fasco Security Products supplies the highest quality gun lockers, secure evidence lockers, and firearms storage of all sizes and configurations. These high security products protect contents and ensure that the weapons and evidence securely pass thru only the proper hands. Fasco Security Products are used by all types of law enforcement, military, and government officers, such as those working for the CIA, FBI, and US Customs and Homeland Security. Each firearms storage unit is specifically designed for use in law enforcement, including high security jails and prisons, courtrooms, police stations and evidence rooms.

Explore Our 15 Categories of Security Weapon and Evidence Storage Units

Custom Gun Safes and Storage Lockers for Law Enforcement and Government Agencies

We can easily customize the design, size, and steel gauge to build the exact weapon storage locker or evidence storage device you need. We have created:

  • Custom law enforcement pistol safe and locker with any number of compartments
  • Any style or configuration of shotgun cabinet, weapon racks, and ammunition lockers
  • Pistol gun safe & rifle cabinets with varying levels of security
  • Custom sizes of pass thru devices, pass hoppers & pass drawers for government agencies
  • Pass thru and non-pass thru evidence lockers in any size or configuration

We Supply The Highest Quality Security Cabinets & Lockers

We are located in the northern suburbs of Minneapolis, MN. Our facility is located in a high traffic business area with ample resources & room for expansion.

We can be contacted via phone or email. Phone number is 763-434-9841 and email address is sales@fascosecurityproducts.com. Feel free to contact our sales department for pricing or any questions regarding weapon lockers you may have.