In 1985, Fasco Security Products opened their doors in a small Northeast Minneapolis location designing and manufacturing a broad line of jail and prison equipment such as detention furniture, jail doors, windows, and gun lockers. In 1992, Fasco transitioned to focus strictly on the manufacturing of security lockers, specializing in the design and manufacturing of law enforcement gun lockers, evidence lockers & pass thru devices.

A Customized Approach to Advanced Security Product Design & Manufacturing

With a knowledgeable background in heavy duty security product design and manufacturing, Fasco designs and builds the highest quality security lockers in the industry. Even our lightest duty gun lockers are heavier & stronger than our competitors heavy duty models.
At Fasco, we will work with you to design and manufacture high end security products that are custom tailored to your application’s exact specifications. Give us a call at 763-434-9841 to discuss your project today.

High Security Product Innovation

Fasco was the first company to manufacture the larger compartment pistol lockers that safely house the handguns that officers use today. We consistently offer new products and solutions to security problems of all kinds. Some of the newest categories of products that we’ve recently added include fire rated package passes, Large capacity pass thru devices, gun lockers suitable for outdoor use, and many other custom security solutions.

Reputable Security Products for State & Federal Facilities

Our gun lockers, evidence lockers & package passes are used by state, city & county police, sheriffs depts as well as US Marshals, Dept of Homeland Security, US Customs enforcement (ICE), US Bureau of Prisons, most state dept of corrections & all branches of the military.
Fasco’s products are featured in the White House, Pentagon, many state and federal facilities around the country, as well as US Embassies around the world.

Trusted Gun Lockers, Safes & Pass Throughs for Law Enforcement

Fasco Inc Specializes in manufacturing gun lockers & pass thru devices for all types of law enforcement. We are the preferred manufacturer for the State dept for the Adjudication Stamp & Ink Lockers, we are specified with the Federal Bureau of Prisons for their entryway gun lockers all around the country as well as being specified by many architects & designers that specialize in law enforcement buildings, police stations, jails & prisons, courthouses, federal buildings, airports, etc.

Contact Fasco for Advanced Security Products Today

For more detailed information regarding our specific product lines, check out our pistol lockers and evidence lockers, or give us a call at 763-434-9841 and we will gladly answer your specific questions. Fasco is your trusted source for high security pistol lockers, pass throughs, and gun cabinets.