Wall Pass Thru’s

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Fasco Security Products supplies a variety of pass through cabinets for packages of different shapes and sizes. Our line of heavy duty pass through cabinets includes the Package Pass, Pass Drawer and Pass Hopper.

  • FPP-700 Package Pass for large items
  • FD-700 Pass Drawer for passing under a secure window
  • PH-700 Pass Hopper for smaller items
  • HD-700 Hopper Drop, for dropping items into a secured room
  • PH-748 Rifle Pass, for passing rifles and shotguns from a secured area
  • FPP-700-FR Fire Rated Package Pass for passing large items
  • ELP-772 Evidence Drop Cabinet for dropping large items into a secured cabinet
  • Heavy duty construction and components are used for all pass through cabinets

View the Pass Thru Device Specification Sheet.

Fasco’s Wall pass thru cabinets are all constructed of heavy gage steel and/or stainless steel and are designed for safely passing items to a secured area. Heavy duty hinges and latches are secure enough to be used in a jail or prison environment. The wall pass through cabinets also can be built in custom sizes or designs to fit your specific application.