Fire Rated Pass Thru Cabinets

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Certain pass thru installations require fire rated linings to ensure proper protection against the spread of fire. Fire wall protected pass thru cabinets provide the enhanced security features of a standard heavy duty pass thru with the added safety of firewall protection. The pass thru cabinet’s firewall lining is specifically designed to inhibit the spread of fire from expanding outside parameters of the pass thru chamber.

Fasco stainless steel fire rated pass thru systems provide exceptional safety and fire protection features for firearm and other high security applications that require specific facility package transfer processes. They are ideal for airports, banks, hospitals, schools, or any other application that requires enhanced security measures.

Fire Rated Pass Thru Chamber Advantages

Fasco’s FPP-700-FR fire rated package pass thru systems are ideal for facilities that require fire rating protection such as hospitals, schools, and government facilities. The fire rated pass thru cabinet’s doors is self-closing with a UL B rated access panel design. The unique locking system allows only one of the doors to be opened at a time, while maintaining enhanced fire protection standards. The body is constructed of 10 ga steel hollow core with 2 layers of fire rated gypsum.
  • 2” thick insulated 20 ga. steel doors
  • 90 minute fire rated access panel doors
  • 90 minute ULB label
  • Door sizes run in 2” increments starting at 12”x12”
  • Full length piano hinges
  • Interlocking door mechanism
  • Universal turn ring and key locks
  • Internal lock

Premium Fire Rated Pass Through Locking Systems

Built with state-of-the-art technology, fire rated high security pass through locking system consists of magnetic locks, or digitally controlled solenoid locks that are wired to a central junction box to connect to the facilities existing system.  The electronic locks with door positions switches and item sensors connect to the facilities existing security system so usage can be monitored and controlled by security personnel. The electronic locks are also designed to allow only one of the pass thru doors to be opened at a time.

Fire Rated Pass Through Custom Options

Fasco high security pass thru products are built in a 36” wide x 60” deep x 60” high standard size and feature powder coated finish cold rolled steel construction. Custom options are also available, and they include:
  • All stainless steel construction
  • Mechanical locking system
  • Prime finish on steel (#4 finish on stainless model)
  • Mortise locks
  • Custom sizes available

Fasco Security Products Fire Rated High Security Pass Throughs

At Fasco, we manufacture, and supply fire rated high security pass thru devices that are used in airports, banks, hospitals, schools, and other areas that require advanced security measures and fire protection. Our experts can assist you in designing a fire rated pass thru that meets or exceeds your expectations. Contact us to discuss all the available custom options for your high security fire rated pass thru requirements.