Refrigerated Evidence Locker

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ELR-772 Pass thru or Non pass thru refrigerated evidence lockers from Fasco are designed for maintaining the evidence chain of custody for temperature sensitive evidence.

  • All stainless steel construction interior & exterior
  • Many configurations available
  • One way keyless locks
  • Full size or small insert
  • Digital temperature readout
  • Digital control

View the Refrigerated Evidence Locker Elevation Drawing sheet.

View the Refrigerated Elevation Drawings.


The ELR-772 Refrigerated Evidence Locker is available in full size, or the smaller insert for use inside of the standard evidence locker. Each unit has a cooling range, 38deg F to 30deg F, Magnetic door seals, 115V power cooling system, Stainless steel interior & exterior, and a digital control & temperature display.

The refrigerated evidence locker uses the same keyless locking system as the standard evidence lockers and is available in a variety of interior configurations. They are also available as either a pass thru or non pass thru refrigerated evidence locker.