Heavy-Duty Police & Security Evidence Lockers

  • high security evidence lockers from Fasco Security Products
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Heavy-duty evidence storage lockers provide advanced protection for all types of police and courtroom evidence materials. Evidence lockers for law enforcement facilities and courtrooms are ideal for temporary evidence storage and item transfer from a non-secured area to an evidence storage room.
Fasco heavy-duty law enforcement evidence lockers are built with 16 gauge welded steel and are available with pass thru and non-pass thru capabilities. Each evidence storage unit is designed for custom configuration, with various size compartments and available refrigeration inserts.

Evidence Storage Locker Options & Beneficial Features

At Fasco, we manufacture heavy-duty evidence storage lockers that provide exceptional security and protection. Our individual evidence lockers have compartment doors and frames that are constructed of heavy 16 gauge formed steel. We use 16 gauge piano hinges for each unit, and keyless front entry latches or master keyed snap locks for enhanced security. Additional advantages include:
  • Pass thru & Non Pass thru evidence lockers
  • All welded 16 ga steel construction. (no spot welding)
  • One way keyless locks
  • Full length piano hinges with non-removable pins
  • Powder coat finish
  • Many evidence storage configurations available

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Evidence Locker Operational Feature

The officer simply opens the evidence locker compartment and puts in the evidence with the proper documentation, closes the door and operates the latching system. The evidence technician then either uses the key to open the locker and collect the necessary evidence, or removes the evidence on the other side of the locker. The latch on the evidence storage unit is then reset to be used again.

Police Evidence Lockers

Fasco’s heavy-duty police evidence lockers provide high security temporary evidence storage for police stations and courtrooms. These highly rugged police evidence lockers are used to securely pass evidence from a non-secured area to a secured area while maintaining the chain of custody. Each unit can be uniquely configured with various size compartments and optional refrigerator insert.

Refrigerated Evidence Locker

Refrigerated evidence lockers are available in both pass thru and non-pass thru configurations and are designed to effectively maintain the proper chain of custody for temperature sensitive evidence. Our refrigerated evidence lockers feature 100% stainless steel construction and numerous configuration options.

Evidence Locker Inserts (Existing Refrigerator)

Evidence locker refrigerator inserts are designed to be installed inside an existing refrigerator to create refrigerated lockers. The units are constructed of all welded 16 gauge steel construction and utilize the same one-way evidence locker locks as the standard evidence lockers.

Fasco Security Products for Heavy-Duty Evidence Lockers

We supply evidence lockers in many standard sizes, or we can match the configurations of other evidence lockers to suit your needs. Contact us to discuss available sizes, tracking systems, and electronic locking mechanism options and to explore the various types of construction for your police evidence storage.