High Security Rifle Cabinets

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Heavy-duty rifle cabinets are constructed from premium quality 16 gauge steel and are ideal for all types of police and law enforcement facilities. The rifle cabinet’s custom designed features allow for easy and convenient firearm storage with additional racks and storage options for pistols, clips, ammunition, and other items.

Fasco heavy-duty rifle cabinets for police and law enforcement facilities are manufactured from high quality materials, providing enhanced security for all types of rifles including long guns. As an added benefit, our heavy-duty gun safes are designed for both indoor and outdoor use, without having to sacrifice security or structural integrity.

Heavy-Duty Rifle Cabinet Security Solutions

Fasco Security products’ Rifle Cabinet line is perfect for small armories. The rifle cabinets can be built with individual locking compartments as shown in the FLCR & FLC-717 models, or multiple weapons can be stored in the FLGC-700 rifle cabinet with adjustable interiors.
  • 16 ga all welded steel construction
  • Full length piano hinges
  • Cam locks, individually keyed
  • 48” high rifle cabinet body to fit a variety of weapons
  • Powder coat finish

Rifle Cabinet Product Options

Fasco offers two exclusive heavy-duty rifle cabinet options for law enforcement facilities to accommodate your firearm security requirements. All our high security rifle cabinets are designed to house rifles, pistols, and long guns, with pricing options to suit a range of budgets.
Once you’ve decided on the high security rifle safe that is right for your facility, we will work with you to provide a seamless procurement and delivery process.


The FLGC-700 rifle cabinet is manufactured from high-strength 16 gauge steel and is available in a variety of widths and heights to accommodate your facility’s specification requirements. Whether you need a single gun safe or one designed for multiple rifles or long guns, these cabinets can be customized to meet your exact storage needs.


With a design that features both vertical and horizontal storage lockers, this rifle cabinet is specifically designed to accommodate both rifles, pistols, and long guns. Additionally, the FLC-717 can be recess mount or left free standing, allowing for clean installations in all types of facilities.

Custom High Security Rifle Gun Safe Options Available

If our standard high security rifle cabinets do not work for your facility’s design requirements or you prefer another type of configuration for your firearms, we can work with you to design based on your facility’s exact specifications. To learn more about our custom options, get in touch with our sales team or request a quote today.

Fasco Security Products for Heavy-Duty Rifle Cabinets

At Fasco, we supply heavy-duty rifle cabinets in many standard sizes, or we can custom manufacture a law enforcement rifle cabinet that suits your application requirements. Contact us to discuss all the available custom options for your high security rifle safe including outdoor prep and size options.