Pistol Lockers

  • a red surface mount pistol locker from Fasco with six compartments
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Pistol Lockers and weapons storage units are designed to store handguns and pistols safely and securely within a wide range of environments. Our advanced security pistol lockers are built with either indoor or outdoor capabilities and are available with a light-duty, medium-duty, or heavy-duty construction.

Fasco Pistol Lockers and weapons storage units are manufactured for use in a broad range of public facilities including police stations, federal buildings, and courthouses. With numerous standard and custom pistol and handgun weapons storage options, we have multiple options to suit your facility’s specifications.

Pistol Locker Options & Beneficial Features

Fasco’s line of pistol lockers ensures complete and flexible weapons storage solutions for just about any law enforcement application. Our pistol cabinets provide secure individual weapon storage and can be customized to suit your specific needs.
Available features include:
  • Light, medium & heavy duty units available
  • WP units specified for outdoor weapon storage
  • Any number of compartments & layouts available
  • Individually keyed & master keyed
  • Large compartments for larger handguns & tasers
  • Powder coat finish
  • Advanced Customization upon request

Heavy Duty Pistol Lockers

Fasco Security Product's FL-708 and FC-700 heavy duty pistol lockers are designed to serve as a secure weapons storage solution for law enforcement or military applications. The heavy-duty weapons storage lockers are manufactured with welded 10 gauge steel and a powdered coat finish for maximum security and protection. The FC-700 lockers provide larger compartments that are capable of holding duty belts & additional equipment.

Medium Duty Pistol Lockers

Fasco Security Products’ FL-714 medium duty pistol storage lockers are designed to offer a high level of security with a lower price designed to fit your budget. Our medium-duty pistol locker’s 14 gauge steel construction and concealed cam locks offers advanced protection for your facility’s security needs.

Light Duty Pistol Lockers

Fasco’s light duty weapons storage units are manufactured from 16 gauge steel and are recommended for facilities where public access is not a factoring concern. Our light duty lockers have the capability to be combined to form larger locker groupings, are powder coat finished, and feature cam locks.

Outdoor Pistol Lockers

Fasco’s weather resistant outdoor weapon storage lockers for law enforcement are manufactured from 10 gauge welded steel and can be wall or pedestal mounted. The zinc plated and specialized outdoor powder coated finish allows these pistol lockers to endure years of environmental wear and tear.

Fasco Security Products is your trusted source for safe and dependable Pistol Lockers

Contact Us for more information regarding our Pistol Lockers and weapons storage units for law enforcement, or Request a Quote for direct pricing information today. Fasco Security Products is an industry-leading provider of safe and dependable Pistol Lockers and weapons storage units.